As the world is evolving so is the change in technology. People are shifting from the traditional approach of shopping to online shopping. Covid-19 has affected everything including the perspective of millennials about online retails. In addition, people now prefer to shop online rather than waiting in long lines Therefore, Postidal is offering an easy way of unlimited online shopping of quality products as well as daily deals.

I was driven to write this article about Postidal because of a Tiktok video I was of a young man in NY mentioning the site. Postidal created its first robotic bodega this year, in New Jersey. Through these robotic bodegas, the customer can purchase items by paying in advance with facial recognition or fingerprints, mobile app code, or pin.

Why Postidal?

Postidal is providing its shopping services through its website and mobile app. It is noteworthy to mention that Customers who have Postidal Gold Membership can also use Postidal Robotic Bodegas for free. Well, one still has to pay for the items we pick, but the entry is free at least!

These awesome robotic rob degas coming in 2021, are very futuristic, fun, and dynamic.

Postidal, as an emerging retailer company, provides the best service for safe shopping. I tried their mobile app and bought myself some headphones on November of 2020, and I can personally say, I loved the experience and speed of their app.

Services of Postidal

Below is the list of services that Postidal aims to provide to its customers:

1. Customer Care

Postidal cares about the needs of its customers and thus provides the best online shopping experience with very efficient customer service. 

Customers can also buy with their Postidal Gold Membership option which will help its membership holders obtain free shipping and delivery in millions of products.

2. Robotic Bodegas

Postidal plans to provide excellent purchasing services to its customers at an affordable price. It is because of this very reason that it’s becoming very popular among millennials. Not to mention that the company is building robotic bodegas that will hit the market in NYC and New Jersey in 2021.

3. Futuristic Approach

The Postidal Company is having a very futuristic approach to online shopping as it aims to open these aforesaid Robotic Bodegas in the five boroughs of New York City and all over America. Their self AI technology, inputted in each bodega, will take over the traditional way of shopping. 

People will be able to go to these robotic bodegas and pay by themselves by using their registered facial recognition, fingerprints, mobile app, or pin. Presently, only Japan has incorporated a similar model, which has not been done in America yet.

Postidal Approach for Future

Postidal will introduce many services in the future. It will help in making the physical and online shopping experience more reliable and safe. For example, people will also be able to select their favorite items at home and then go into a Postidal store to pick them up. 


The reason why Postidal is becoming popular among millennials are countless: Postidal’s 1 dollar deal, daily discounts, logged in rewards, upcoming robotic bodegas, etc. There is no doubt, that Postidal is the future of technology in retail.